Social Projects

Since 2008 the UFRN School of Music has a strategic vision towards social projects. Thousands of students have been attending our outreach projects and many of them have followed to degree programs at the University.

These projects have different profiles; some of them are pre-existing organizations to which the University gives full support in regards to pedagogical aspects. We ourselves have started other projects since the very beginning.

Throughout the years, UFRN has gained much experience on how to keep projects running long term, with all the difficulties that they present (pressure from parents for the students to get employment quickly, health problems, self- esteem related issues, etc….). We have also produced specific teaching material especially geared for these projects.

Our students have benefited from the projects as a space to complement their pedagogical training. The projects have also helped the University to prepare students to enter Bachelors and Master Degree programs.

In regards to the visiting professors from foreign institutions, experience with the social projects has been one of the strongest in Natal. In the past 3 years, professors from Germany, Denmark, United States, France and China have been teaching in our projects and have high regards for the experience.

We have cases of students who began their studies in social projects at the School of Music, studied at UFRN for their Bachelor´s Degrees, went on to International exchange and now have positions in professional orchestras. For example, French Horn player Dayanderson Dantas started out in a social project, studied at UFRN went on to a DAAD/CAPES Program in the MusikHochschule of Karlsruhe (UNIBRAL) where he studied with Will Sanders (former musician of the Berlin Philharmonic)and has recently won a job at Brazil´s National Symphony in Rio.

At this moment in time where the value of art has been questioned worldwide, the social projects show that music is a strong tool for social change, and at UFRN we can offer technology and ideas for the projects to be disseminated in various other countries.