International Relation Office – The internationalization of the School of Music

Aiming to invest in the internationalization of the activities of EMUFRN, the Coordination of National and International Relationships was created, which is responsible for promoting exchange among research and teaching groups, artistic groups and Brazilian and international institutions. The agreement acts with the Academic Policy and Projects Sector to maintain the production of agreed works active.

In regards to the internationalization, the Coordination of National and International Relationships aims to maintain international exchange programs and to invest in international participations in events.

My name is Micas Orlando Silambo (Mozambican), in the Master degree in music program, currently enrolled in second semester classes at the UFRN School of Music. My experience in this university has been very transforming and creative. My participation and presentations in academic events (colloquia, conferences, lectures, shows) has been important for my education, growth and improvement during performances, composition and musical education, because they have promoted new challenges, experiences and learning. It has been an exchange of experience which has made a new perspective about making music and it has been an opportunity to improve my planning methods in various subareas of music.


As a teacher at the Glomas Camp 2017 in Natal I had the great pleasure to listen to the UFRN Big Band in the opening concert. It was a very uplifting moment and, especially, I enjoyed hearing the music of Brazil played with spirit and great enthusiasm. Later, during the camp, I also had the honor of working with these talented and very openminded musicians on my own music: again a very memorable and inspiring experience.