The UFRN School of Music offers exchange opportunities for international students enrolled in partner schools. During their stay in Natal, students can take classes in Brazilian music, participate in groups and gain experience in social areas.

Students in the exchange program can study for one or two semesters. For more information, please write to:

University partnership:

    For EMUFRN students:

  1. Identify available opportunities: the student should research foreign institutions and identify the languages he or she commands and the countries in which those languages are used. He/she should carry out a survey of their financial circumstances to be able to live in another country during the exchange period.

  2. Identify information about the chosen institution: courses, student advisor, admission procedures and the forms required by the institution.

  3. Officializing the academic exchange: The first step is to complete the exchange form and meet the specific requirements of the internal call for selection notice (available on the SRI website) that provides, among other things, the criteria and documents required of the student for the exchange program, to be delivered to SRI:

  4. a) Certificate of Proficiency in Foreign Language of the language spoken at the host university, issued by the official representative of the proficiency test or by the Ágora Institute of UFRN, as appropriate;

    b) Certificate of Academic Indicators, printed by the SIGAA, with MCN (Normalized Completion Average) equal to or greater than 400;

    c) TAcademic transcripts;

    d) Proof of participation in teaching, research or community service activities, registered in the SIGAA;

    e) Letter of presentation from a UFRN professor, at least 15 days before the time of enrollment in the SRI, defending the general relevance of the development of studies abroad and mentioning one or more points that prove the student in their academic activities.

    f) Proof of being up to date with the Library System (SIGAA).