Los Grupos


The UFRN Symphony Orchestra is comprised by students of the three degree programs. Under the guidance of Prof. André Muniz, the orchestra has travelled to São Paulo, Recife and Paraíba, and has played in Germany receiving high praises from the German music critics. International students have the chance to participate in the Symphony Orchestra where they have the opportunity to experience the music of Brazilian composers such as Villa-Lobos, Guarnieri, Santoro and renowned composers from Northeastern Brazil.

The Jerimum Jazz

The Jerimum Jazz Big Band is an exciting ensemble that has been part of Rio Grande do Norte cultural scene for almost twenty years. Under the guidance of Prof. Ranilson Bezerra, the ensemble has been extensively performing the works of Brazilian local composers as well as standard repertoire. The Big Band also offers international students the experience of different Brazilian rhythms and styles.

UFRN Cellos

The ensemble of UFRN cellos (UFRN CELLOS) was established in 2009 and since then has developed uninterrupted activity being recognized as one of the most active musical ensembles of Rio Grande do Norte. The group aims to revitalize the violoncello culture in the state, as well as produce new pieces by UFRN professors and students. The concerts and presentations act as a laboratory of professional life for EMUFRN's cello pupils, as they provide students with stage situations, production and a variety of programs. The group in recent years has served as one of the "business cards" of EMUFRN, representing the School and the University on several occasions.